Sunday, June 26, 2011



This is one of our favorites - the Green Rooster Chest w/ Drawers from the Shopdrops Selection oof Country Cottage Elegance Series.

A two-tone, striped green finish hosts the brightly colored roosters painted in wonderful detail on top and across the front.

Beveled top and bottom edges are painted black for a distinctive border. Four drawers fitted with antique brass finish ring pulls slide open to reveal lined storage. Wide bracket feet are adjoined with bottom rails carved into a shapely cyma curve. A great fit for a variety of rooms.

Sunday, December 12, 2010



I know, I know . . . I have been silent for a year . . . I guess i got totally burnt out - - - simply tweeted out till I could twitter no more. And thus, my master took over the shop task of twittering to customers and window shoppers at the SHOPDROPS shop. I do not think she did a good job. Most of the time, I soon found out, she has not been twittering as much as I used to do. I was a better twitter-er. Shopdrops' shopkeeper spends a lot of the time this past year, doing Facebook.

Lately. I have been finding more readers to this blog. I will never be a superstar or a celeb but I am contented to know that somewhere out there, a handful of people know about me and the tough catlife I live.

I still love my master like a baby loves her mommy (and vice versa). I still warm her feet during the cold days of winter and attempt to massage her back every night. I love listening to her one story about how we met one day at the Adoption Center at Petsmart. It was love at first sight.

Ooops . . . My mommy and master and child is calling me just now. Time to have some warm hugs.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Twitter and Me

I am now the official twitter for My master(she's a babe) has been sick lately and does not have the stamina for tweeting day and night.

I do guard the shop in exchange for "owning" my master. China T (my master) thinks I nap too much but isn't that what cat life is all about? Hmmph. . . .

And so at Tweeter will I be - to tweeting and hope endlessly that some birds (yummy) would follow my tweets very soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This Cat Can Talk . . .

My child, my love, my life - China Tea. Thoughts of China Tea, shopkeeper of SHOPDROPS.COM, bring out all my motherly instincts. While I can no longer bear a child (having passed through the dreadful process of de-fertilization(?), process which advocates of feline population planning strongly campaign for and which, I assure you, China my owner and "child" is not a true believer of, but being a good, lawful citizen of the human world regretfully subjected me to), I consider my master, China, my child and beloved pet.

She being much taller than me however (but not nearly as fast and agile and strong), I allow her to sit me on her lap, carry me around the house and take me in her arms protectively so that the likes of The Brat - Cola, Stray turned Adopted Feline from some warehouse in El Monte, California - can not scare me out of my wits. It is incredible how Cola, the feisty brat that she is, has promised herself to always try to prevent me from retiring to my master China's bed at night. Sigh . . . talking about felines without social graces. One of these days, I am going to suggest to China to send Cola to some Finishing School for Cats. Maybe, just may be she will acquire some good manners.

But then, here I am rambling on and on about Cola, the Brat Cat, when I should be telling you about my love and devotion and loyalty to and rapport with my boss, China. Maybe I will save that for later. . . least I bore you and distract from browsing . . . So, ta-ta for now.

And wait . . . can you do me a big favor? Can you please shop for incredibly amazing skin care products at China's online store? You see, the more she sells, the better I eat!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This Cat's Bedtime Story

One of the stories that China, my beloved master and child, tells me again and again is the story of SHOPDROPS.COM - or rather how it all came about. She has told me this story over and over again that I must admit, I have memorized it word by word. BUT then, cats do grow old, and their short-time memory with them. So why not etch China's Story in stone (web stone, that is)? This way, China's story will be never be forgotten by me and you and you and you. So here goes . . .

Once upon a time, an idea came to me - why don't I create an online store? A little imp whispered in my ear and reminded me of the millions of online stores out there and how it would be almost impossible for my idea of a store to stand out. Well, a good little fairy whispered in my other ear that it was just a matter of giving a store more soul, more personality, more sincerity, better quality goods and most of all the best customer service there is, for people to come and visit it because they love it. The more I thought of what I can make my store to be, the better the idea looked. Again, I asked myself, what if I inject into my virtual store all the qualities that those lovely little shops in my old childhood neighborhood that I used to so love to visit, will it stand out from the gazillion big and small stores on the web? The good ittle fairy shouted YES! YES! YES! And I said to myself with my chin up, "Right . . . WHY NOT?"

True, I just so love shopping in small shops. Small shops are so very like home - cozy, much tended, much cared for, much loved. Before came along, I was inspired by the love, care and hard work that small shopkeepers gave to their little shops. And so, using the valuable lessons from the original shopkeepers of neighborhood shops and my insatiable need to shop online, I fashioned into this small virtual shop that it is today. Everyday, as I put up my virtual items on the shelves, I try new ways of doing things - arrange the shelves, change my shop decor, prepare a pot of steaming coffee (with the help of html) - in the hope of making this shop more welcoming, cozy and serene for visitors who drop in and browse among the delightful items that I have carefully selected and laid out for them.

The idea of an online store finds its roots from my love of shopping on line. Shopping on line is a breeze. You can do it anytime and within the comfort of your home. You do not have to drive to the mall and fight traffic and get tired looking for a space to park. It is just so easy and safe with the right store!

And so, was born on October 4, 2004. The rest is history and this story ended happily for me. And here I am today, the shopkeeper of a little shop in the cyberworld -, the little shop in the neighborhood that people do love to visit!

Well, what do you think? Like I said before, I listen to this every night that I know every word in it by heart. Now, go back to shopping and do visit us at, the neighborhood shop of quality products for the family, home, garden and beyond!

Sigh . . . I am off to sleepland. Purrr - purrrrrrrrrr . . . .

Monday, October 01, 2007


Meow . . . meow . . . .

This is how I look in person(in catlife). . . except that my eyes are baby blue. . .I think, I look so pretty in a dainty, lady-like way. China, my boss, tells me every night how beautiful I am. I love listening to her in her little kitty-like voice, telling me how she loves me the most (better than my foster/step sisters, Champagne, Caramel and Cola). My boss tells me soft, sweet stories about me every night as I sit on her chest as we lay in bed. I love listening to her voice as she gently strokes my hair, and scratch my front neck. Purrrrrrrrrrrr.

I can't imagine a life without my master, China. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. I love how she gets excited over her sales at her e-store. And then there are those times when I listen to her complaints about life. My heart goes out to her when she asks me for help during her "blue" days. And what can a cat do, may I ask? I can only try to give out my positive energy to protect her and guide her through storms that she runs into or worst, that she imagines running into.

Sometimes, I wonder if she is my pet, and I, her owner/master. I think our relationship, from my perspective is ---- I am her mother and she is my child. Oh, I just love her.... If I were bigger, I would carry her in my arms and pet her like my own child. Speaking of which . . . I will never bear a child . . . and it is but proper to think and feel like a mother to my China. . . . Purrrrrr.

Yawwwwwwwwwwn. I better go up to my room. China will follow . . . And I will sit on her chest while waiting for her to go to sleep. But first, I will listen to her story about a beautiful, white cat who was actually a fairy princess in disguise . . . Purrrrrrrrrrr . . .

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Ramblings of a Cat That Just Woke Up . . .

I just got up from a nap. Well, what else does a cat do?

Life is not easy for everybody . . . NOT even for a cat. People say cats are pampered. True. I agree 100%. We do not earn a living (it's given free by people who can't live without us). While we are "domesticated" - - - we do not exactly cook our food nor wash our dishes nor do our laundry. The slave-master does those menial tasks for us.

Still life is not easy. For one thing, our masters-servants keep talking to us in strange language and expect us to understand them. We always try to talk back to them and respond in a way so that they will think we understood. It is frustrating and a repetitive "I scratch your back and you scratch mine " ritual that as we grow older, do not want to go through 24-7! It is amazing how master-servants treat us like babies --- that never grew a day older. They keep talking to us in those baby talks and baby voices that our human counterparts (their child-babies) just partly undertstand themselves.

Humans are so awed at how we groom ourselves. Do they have to groom us too? We can do it on our own! We do not have to take those humiliating water baths that they often subject us to. What? Treating us as if we are humans? Don't they realize cats are of a different class?

Hmmp. And please, do not not treat us like dogs, either. We will never be dogs, (thanks, God) and we will never be human (thanks, God). When will humans and dogs ever learn?

Huh . . . Here comes China (my master-servant) with a bowl of food. Hmm, she's likewise bringing in a fresh bowl of water. Well, I better attend to her before she comes and lift me up like I was a little baby. . . . See ya all later. Got some good business to do.

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